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The Hopeful Future


With the photography series “The Hopeful Future” OT will portray today’s manhood, focusing on manhood’s current position vis-à-vis society and its expectations. The emancipation of various sub-groups and liberation from and of social norms and how this affects day-to-day manhood urges for reflection OT finds.

Questions arise, amongst them “What does it mean to be a man in today's western society?”, “What are current social expectations, functional changes regarding their identity… What is not done, is the man still privileged?” All against a background of a changing society embracing metrosexuality, cultural diversification and gender equality that at the same time leaves young conservative males lost in translation.   

OT portrays several scenes that seek to show the current conflicts of manhood, offering the spectator food for thought and debate on current conventions, social expectations and (changing) perceptions on identity. OT foresees a hopeful future and invites you to participate.

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