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Director, photographer, and camera at STUDIO OT

& The OT of  OtandI, represented by

Anything has a right to be observed. I create, I capture, and I share. I am surprised, amazed, and inspired. No life goes without interaction. In this modern, well-connected society, I love to place movement, ideas, concepts, and inspiration. I show vulnerability and try to encourage whoever wants to explore the unknown, including myself.


Using mediums such as photography, film, and multimedia, I capture, share, and express things that fascinate me. I aim to facilitate a place of growth and empathy, a place to create understanding between things that differ. With a passion for subcultures, countercultures, and taboo-labeled topics, I am looking forward to dedicating my life to visually researching the movement of human culture.


I was born and raised in Amsterdam and am now based in Amsterdam and Berlin. I am an autodidact and a self-thinker. I have worked for Nike, Univé, Adidas, LEE, K1X, Zalando, Warner, NPO, Superball Amsterdam, Stichting Confetteria, FEMME SCHMIDT, Magit Cacoon, and Cimo Frånkel. I am always vibing at STUDIO OT, and represented by


Film / Documentary :

O.T.A - Work in Progress due 2024. Director, writer, DP (Director of Photography).

Nike Home Series Episode 1 Bunt Kickt Good, Director 2022

Nike Home Series Episode 2 Alphonso Davies, Director B roll 2022

“Woven Stories” fashion film/ arthouse, Director & Camera, Amsterdam 2022

"Every Line Becomes A Circle"  2021. DP, Co-director 

Mothers Balls 2018 - Camera, Second unit direction.

UNIFORMS by Richie Culver  - Director, writer and Camera

Femme Schmidt RAW series 2016 - Concept, Camera, Director

Exhibitions :

KUNSTHAL Rotterdam "Deep In Vogue" sept 2021 / Jan 2022 

The Hopeful Future, Amsterdam the Netherlands 2019

Drag Culture, Amsterdam the Netherlands 2018

Shake My Soul ATTIC 61, Amsterdam Netherlands 2018 

Freedom N-how Hotel, Berlin 2013

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