The documentary O.T.A. (Open To All), Portraits a part of the Dutch Ballroom scene and uses it as a vehicle to discuss (self) acceptance in today's society. It tells the story of how a NY counterculture became a well connected global community that is spreading a message of awareness and teaching self-empowerment to those who are seeking.


We follow the pioneering Amber Vineyard, mother of the House of Vineyard who crosses paths with individuals looking for a place where they can be accepted for who they are and encouraged to explore who that is. By exposing herself, using her body as an instrument to make statements about gender, sexuality and freedom of expression she challenges the norm and invites those who encounter her to do the same. Facilitating a “safe space” to those who need it and scouting the ones who are still looking. Inspired by ICONS from the NY ballroom scene, Amber organises panels, workshops and balls to bring the cultural representatives close to the "dutch kids" giving them a space to share their life experiences, knowledge and teaching self-empowerment. 

O.T.A is touching issues like today's take on gender expression & education, discrimination, self-acceptance, cultural appreciation and activism. Empowering people and the need for a "safe space".


The film features interviews with kids of the House of Vineyard and ICONS, MOTHERS AND FATHERS of the current ballroom community from New York such as Archie Burnett, Sinia Braxton, Leiomy Maldonado, DJ Vjuan Allure, Photographer Chantal Regnault and kids like Gaby Vineyard, Thorn Vineyard and Raphael Mc Cartney. 

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